20 Important Things to Consider When Travelling Internationally

Have you tried alone or with a buddy beside you? Do you plan to travel in the international borders this time around? If this is your first time traveling abroad alone or with a traveling buddy, you might want to check out these tips below before doing something else. These tips are a refresher that you should do or bring before your trip in the other part of the world. We have divided the tips according to different categories.


A. Traveling Tips – Security and Health

1. Double check your health before traveling.

You need to check-in with your doctor and to your insurance agent as well to make sure that you have all of the proper medications if you are taking them and vaccinations so that all essential prescriptions are renewed before you travel far away. Aside from that, you need to ask your medical insurance provider if your policy applies overseas just in case there is an emergency that will happen while you are away from home.

2. Make sure you have extra copies of important documents.

This is really important that you should not forget. You should bring copies of your passport all the time and if your passport has been stolen or lost, you can be sure that you can still get back to your hometown so that traveling agency can prove your citizenship when that happens.

3. Always have backup copies of passport.

You need to leave a copy of your passport in your luggage, in your home, in your purse and in your back-pack or to someone you trust. This is to make sure you are ready all the time especially this time electronic copy is available everywhere.

4. Check in with your embassy before traveling.

If you will encounter a problem with your visa or passport while traveling, you need to pay a visit to your embassy and register to make it easier for your government to contact you and for your safety as well.

B. Traveling Tips – Money is everything

5. Money conversion

If you are going in a place for the first time, first thing you need to do is to look up for monetary conversion before you travel. Make sure you do your math before you travel so that you can be sure of your budget and expenses while traveling internationally.

6. Check your credit card and cash on-hand before and after.

Before you travel, make sure you already checked your credit cards if it works perfectly in the country that you are going to visit. There are other countries that don’t accept credit cards and fewer businesses abroad are accepting outdate cards. Some demands you should pay in cash for safety measure.

7. To avoid huge rip-offs, visit a bank or an ATM in the country you are visiting.

This is to make sure that you won’t get charged as many fees at the ATM or the bank. And this will make you sure that the conversion will be exact and other “under the table” fees.

8. Always have local cash in your hand all the time.

Remember, not all countries around the world takes credit cards as payment particularly in the important places like trains or buses. You need to be prepared all the time.

C. Traveling Tips – Electronics and Gadgets

9. Always bring your charger with you when traveling.

Also you need to take note that there are some countries that have different size plugs and voltage so be sure you are ready by bringing your own charger adapter all the time to make sure you can charge it.

10. When traveling, activate your mobile phone’s global capabilities.

This is to make sure that you can be updated when you are in a place for the first time. It is much less than roaming charges you will get if you are on a tight budget.

To know more about important traveling tips and tricks especially holidays are fast approaching, be sure to visit our page and get updated with our latest topics and you can share your thoughts in the comment!

Travelling – Why Not?

There are many travellers roaming the world now (us included) and even as these folks share about their experiences through personal talk or through social media, people are still very much hesitant about the whole idea of globetrotting. “Why should I travel?” they ask. Some do have dreams of doing so but they just then fail on the execution. “How do I go and afford that trip?” It’s another question that bugs many.

To start, let us answer the first one: “Why should I travel?”

There are numerous reasons to go out into the world. They can differ by person though (as we are all unique individuals) but in the end, it all boils down to one thing: travelling is a worthwhile activity to invest in.

Now, let us get into these lists:

New Experiences
Being in a land that is not familiar, except in photos, is a fresh take to life. Whether it is just a place that is one hour away from the city or a country a million miles from home, you are basically in an environment that is not of your own for the past years. And so, it is the opportunity to take your time and enjoy!

Even if you are to travel alone or with company like family and/or friends, it stands that it will make you learn something about yourself. Perhaps it is a quality that you have denied since before but because of the current surroundings and situation, you begin to realise it first-hand. Most probable that you will also look around and look within with a new perspective.

Language Learning
Being in a foreign country can be rewarding as you can get to take in their speech! There are many English speaking nations but supposing that you are setting off to those who are not, then learning their native tongue is essential. You do not have to be directly fluent but all in all, it is an interesting deed to accomplish.

Fulfilling Relationships
Going on the trip with someone you know and are close with will surely make your bond much stronger. Since you are touring another spot in the globe, again, somewhere unfamiliar, then in all probability, you are going to stick together (as to not get lost and separate from each as well). That just means travel buddies become best friends forever!

On top of that, meeting locals and other travellers will not hurt. That is actually very enriching. Some even find these people to be friends they can keep for life. Hence, you should be open and active in getting to know others.

Culture Education
Of course, a basic is to gain knowledge on the area’s tradition and workings. Having a direct look into their society and the people, you can be able to hold learning that go beyond travel and culture books you may have collected and seen in stores. With the facts and beliefs you personally have, it is a good way to prove yourself right or wrong.

Fun Adventures
You may be living a routine at the moment but when you go on a journey away from the city buzz, there are a lot of possibilities in having enjoyment. Fun has varying definitions for everyone – it could be thrilling escapades for some while several would go for calming and peaceful treks. What matters here is that you are game and willing to go through any of this for merriment and hilarity to happen.

Food Exploration
Eating and dining is not to be forgotten, of course! And if you are one big foodie, then you will love going around, visiting restaurants and even hole in the wall places. This is another method to experience culture, more so if you try out local cuisines and dishes that are not of your usual palate. A wide variety of tastes and flavours await you, if you only book that ticket now!

Souvenir Shopping
This is no doubt part of this list. Women and men alike love to buy anything that they adore even at first glance, especially if the finances permit. Let us tell you one obvious thing: flying abroad can expose you to more brands than you could ever think or imagine! Supposing you are not into such luxurious items, there are flea and bargain markets that you can scour in to score the best deals. You and the loved ones back at home will surely be glad to receive the keepsakes you wisely and carefully picked during the trip.

So, “Why should I travel?” Well, why not?

Pack Well For That Travel Escapade

Travel is one big adventure in itself and it becomes more so when you start visiting one place after another. A large percentage would consider this activity and passion to be luxurious. These people would think that it is only for the rich and famous. Well, that is where they are wrong. You should not believe them at all.

For the most part, it is true that travelling will cost you but it does not mean your money will not be worth it. It will very much be, especially as you use your time and energy to tour around. Whether you are to have a trip locally or internationally, for sure you will be enriched by different cultures and traditions that you will be exposed to for the day or the days, weeks and months to come.

But no, this is not just for the rich and famous. You do not have to be any of these “elite” folks to enjoy the wonders of the world. Again, you will have to come up with the funds to get you to that destination you have in mind, but that it just a normal price to pay for the change of location, albeit temporarily.

Perhaps you have a job that is keeping you busy (and paid) at the moment and that is good. Nevertheless, there can be times that life can be dreadfully difficult that it becomes hard to even keep up with yourself. As they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” A good diversion from the buzz of everything would be to consider travelling.

Now, this cannot be imposed but in all fairness, to go on tour, even in a nearby city can be liberating. It is like having a free pass from class or simply, a day off from the office. There is nothing to really worry about (unless you are one to think much of things). It is a day for yourself – even though you can choose to have companions on the trip.

Anyways, let us go on to more important stuff. Of course, when we think of travelling, a constant and common concern would be the packing stage. What should I pack? Am I bringing a lot? These questions have been muttered and asked countless of times.

While these are understandable, you must then involve yourself in solving them. And that is why, with our knowledge and experience, we are to share some tips on packing that luggage well.

Secure Your Belongings

A number one priority is to keep your things safe. And you can uphold that by doing the following: have your passport and tickets scanned. These documents and details are very important and if they end up lost, then that may lead you to not be where you want to be. Hence, do this and send them to your email account for effective keeping. This goes the same to your credit and ATM cards too.

Use locks for your zippers. Whether they are key or number latches, that is all right. Essentially, these are to fasten and sustain authorised opening. On top of that, name tags or stickers both outside and inside your baggage work well.

Bring Enough Clothes

When it comes to your clothing, you must only bring what is fit for the duration of your stay. If it is too long, like for 20 days, look into doing your own washing while on transit. Basically, this minimises your luggage.

Consider Weather

You have to carry apparel that will conform to the place’s climate as well. Supposing you do not do so, then be ready to do some immediate shopping to beat the cold, for instance.

Be Smart With Toiletries

Now, toiletries like soap and toothpaste are no doubt vital but they can still take space. Have them in small compact containers instead of their big boxes and tubes.

Split Up Valuables

This is mostly regarding money. Keep cash in different places like your pocket, your wallet in the carry-on bag and your very suitcase. This is to assure that you will still have bucks on you when unfortunate events happen such as delayed baggage or theft.

Designate Extra Space

Tourists will typically not miss out on souvenir shopping and if you are so, then you must prepare to have enough area for your escapades. You can also request and pay for additional luggage for this purpose.

Even the act of packing can be interesting enough. How much more when you are to see the world out there?



Need for Travel Vaccinations

Back once when we were designing our travel, I did some thorough analysis on what varieties of vaccinations and protozoal infection pills we’d would like for our journey. Now, over a year later we have a tendency to be sometimes asked by friends  whether or not we’ve updated our shots and unbroken on taking the protozoal infection pills therefore here’s an update on however we keep healthy whereas traveling.

We are not medical professional. We don’t admit the data we’ve denoted below; invariably raise a doctor for recommendation on travel vaccinations, health and protozoal infection interference.

Travel Vaccinations

vaccination-67477_1280We had vaccinations before going out of England: we  researched that vaccinations we  would like for the places we  were to reach to travel before we left and elaborate them during this post. We had some free shots that were coated by the NHS: infectious hepatitis and typhoid fever boosters and 2 hepatitis B vaccinations. We have  additionally purchased madness vaccinations from initial Contact travel clinic in London; we  had a course of 3 shots  for a year that price £20 every, totalling £120 altogether. It’s necessary to notice that we might have required additional shots if we’d truly been bitten by a overzealous animal.

Vaccinations: we left  too late to urge our third hepatitis B vaccination in England, we were urged  at a travel clinic in Djakarta, to get it there instead; this price U.S.A. £15 every with a £30 doctor’s fee are high. We  additionally thought of obtaining Japanese rubor vaccinations in state however they’d run out of stock in Djakarta and once ending some more analysis we set the danger was stripped-down and opted to not get the shots; a similar goes for tick-borne rubor.

We’ll have to be compelled to get a typhoid fever booster once we visit England over the summer however apart from that we’re coated for succeeding 5 years approximately. However, our madness shots have terminated and though I’m glad we’d had them once a terrific visit to the Monkey Forest and our volunteering stint at the Dog Rescue Project, I don’t assume we hassle obtaining them once more unless we were specifically reaching to work with animals.

Malaria Protection
Before going England: in line with Great Britain health info protozoal infection is unsound in much each Asian nation we  visited however we left the UK with simply provide of Vibramycin given by an exponent, that we’ve still nevertheless to use.We planned to replenish on Malarone in Djakarta however once seeing however dearly-won it had been (£7.00 per daily pill!) we  had a fourteen-week stash of Laryum for £77.20 (£4.80 per weekly pill) instead. This was expensive, even by Great Britain standards however since we were planning to go to the jungles of Borneo and Lombok and therefore the Gili Islands wherever protozoal infection is seemingly rife, we  felt it necessary. Luckily, whereas we have a tendency to were in Bali I met up with my friend from World Health Organization and sold me a number of his unused Malarone pills on a budget.

Accidents and sickness on the Road

Frank and that I are pretty lucky on our trip to this point, we haven’t had any serious accidents or diseases in the slightest degree. There are some minor cuts and bruises, colds and abdomen complaints furthermore because the time I got bitten by a mozzie and my mouth ros. to elephant-man sized proportions –

Travel Toiletries

Before leaving the UK we  took some basic medical provides with  plasters, paracetamol and NSAID, abdomen medication and antiseptic cream, that have all are available in helpful. We’ve been ready to simply stock our medical kit in each country we’ve been to and have supplemented it with some rehydration salts and Afterbite lotion, that are helpful once bouts of sickness and bug bites. You’ll be able to see precisely what medicines we supply with us in our packing list post.


Work Adventure: Teaching English in Asia

After I decided to step into  English teaching,  one in every of the primary selections I created was to require not one, but 2 TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) courses – here’s why.

What is a TEFL Course and does one really want to require one?
TEFL courses ought to assist you find out how to show English as a far off language to youngsters and adults from countries everywhere the planet. In reality, as I pointed out after I began my 1st ever teaching job, nothing will prepare you for that 1st time you’ve got to face before of a category and deliver a lesson. In my opinion, teaching is absolutely one thing you’ve got to find out on the duty and you merely improve it by practising, learning from your mistakes and perpetually attempting to boost and adapt your teaching vogue. So, in lightof this, does one really want to require a TEFL course?

Do you would like a TEFL qualification to teach children?

school-79612_1280 It’s best to seem at a TEFL course as an associate degree introduction.  I found this introduction pretty helpful and having a TEFL certificate undoubtedly helped me to land employment after I had no previous expertise in teaching, therefore I might advocate taking a course if you’re within the same scenario as i used to be. If you have already got teaching expertise and qualifications tho, you most likely won’t  need a TEFL certificate to urge employment. Frank, for instance, may be a qualified teacher within the UK and educated for pretty much four years in a very London school therefore he had no drawback finding employment while not a TEFL qualification.

Of course, all this relies on wherever you’re progressing to teach, thereforeme countries could insist upon you having a TEFL certificate so you must think what the entry necessities  in your chosen destination. In Asia, we tend to found that colleges and language centres typically hunt for native English speaking candidates with a degree, though there are many academics at our language centre who aren’t native speakers and one doesn’t have a degree, therefore the rules aren’t set in stone. If you furthermore mght have a TEFL certificate, a teaching qualification or previous teaching expertise then you’re probably to urge your decide of jobs.

Choosing a TEFL Course
Once I’d created the choice to travel ahead and take a TEFL course, I had to decide on that one to travel for, that wasn’t straightforward considering there’s no universal customary for TEFL courses and there are many choices out there. I quickly discovered that the foremost revered courses are those who give a minimum of a hundred hours of tuition, as well as a minimum of six hours of ascertained teaching follow. The ‘gold-standard’ courses, that square measure typically remarked as ‘accredited TEFL courses’ and square measure most extremely revered by employers, are:

CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of different Languages). This course was devised by Cambridge and it prices a minimum of £1,000 to require.
TRINITY Cert TESOL. This can be another intensive course that was devised and is overseen by Trinity Faculty London, a UK-based test board. The course is one hundred thirty hours long, which incorporates six hours of sensible teaching; the course prices a minimum of £1,000.

If you’ve got the time and cash to require one in every of these courses I feel it’d be a wise move however if, like me, you just can’t afford the course fees there are different, less distinguished choices which is able to still facilitate you for  teaching and assist you to land employment.

Online TEFL Courses
In South-East Asia, after I first began looking for TEFL courses, therefore on-line course was the foremost sensible choice for me; within the finish I selected a 120-hour online course with LoveTEFL, that value £99.  I didn’t really begin my on-line TEFL course till six months later after I went back to European nation for a summer visit, this illustrates one nice advantage of on-line courses: you don’t got to begin and end them immediately; I used to be allowed 3 months from after I 1st logged in to finish the course, that lined the subsequent topics:

Methodology and history of English Teaching.
How to teach totally different ages and levels.
Teaching and learning techniques and room management.
Skills testing: speaking, listening, reading and writing.
Teaching synchronic linguistics.
Teaching pronunciation victimisation the sound alphabet.
Assessments and victimisation transmission resources within the room.
There were straightforward multiple-choice tests at the top of every module and that i had to finish a a lot of comprehensive end-of-course test and manufacture a lesson attempt to be assessed. I found this course attention-grabbing and it undoubtedly gave Maine an honest introductory summary of TEFL teaching; particularly I likable production my 1st ever lesson set up, that I received helpful feedback concerning.

I really enjoyed this course, the teacher was  participating and it absolutely was nice to be able to raise queries and discuss problems with different students. Throughout,we tried out many alternative games and activities as a bunch, that was very helpful, we tend to additionally devised and delivered short lessons to the remainder of the category. I left wish that I had taken a extended sensible course of this sort still as a web course.

As I discussed, I don’t suppose something will very prepare you for the $64000 world of teaching. Like most jobs, your development doesn’t end at the top of a course, you wish to be proactive and still hunt down new learning strategies, resources and adapt to achieve success.

However, I do suppose I might have felt far more ready had I taken either a CELTA or a extended sensible TEFL course before inward in Asia; I’d undoubtedly advocate this feature if you’ve got the time and cash.